No, definitely not. A lot of our tutors teach at universities / face to face film schools already, so we’ve gone for a hybrid model. We have 12, two hour remote face to face classes, one a week for 12 weeks. Meaning the tutors are actually talking / engaging with you / answering questions and passing on their knowledge to you in real time.

There are dozens and dozens of videos, but they are there to help you remember, and work on skills you will learn in the face to face classes. It’s a cross between an online film school, and how a regular university semester is structured.

As much about film as we can possibly teach you. You will learn the fundamentals of script writing, producing, cinematography, directing, editing and how to think creatively. We will have people who specialize in each subject giving you the low down on each of these topics each week so you will get maximum goodness and minimal bs.

People who are currently working in the industry and crushing it. We only hire people with great credits to their name. Have a shows on Nexflix / Amazon Prime, you’re in with a rock solid chance of working for us.

One issue we see with the university system is sometimes (definitely not all the time, universities do have incredible teachers too) you have tutors who finish high school, move straight to university, then go into teaching at the university right after they graduate. They have little to no practical experience. We want people who have teaching experience, but most importantly, FILM SET EXPERIENCE (sorry about the capitals, but we’re really, really passionate about that). That’s the difference.

Our course is set up to be fast and as practical as possible. We’ll send you out a shiny new certificate, but we don’t offer any official qualification. To be honest there isn’t a film set in the world that really cares if you have a communications degree (trust me I have a communications degree), it’s all about how useful you are on set, and this course will make you a lot more useful that you would be fresh out of uni.

We think it’s fairly cheap, also it’s in Australian dollars, so if you’re from overseas you are in for a treat because our dollar is worth less than the curtains in an abandoned caravan. It’s $2499 for the course,  with unlimited access to the course as well as our smartphone course and other online resources.

You shouldn’t! Figure out what works best for you.

Have 3 years, and don’t mind getting a loan, do university.

Have 1 or 2 years, and $60,000, do a private film school.

Have 12 weeks and a bit of spare cash, do our school.

We all work in the film industry, and most of teach at a high end schools / universities, we know what we’re talking about, and this is the course we wish we did, when we first started our film careers.

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