Unleash Your Inner Filmmaker: Join our 6-week immersive course in the heart of Newcastle, NSW.

6 Week Film Essentials Course


Our course, originally designed for 12 weeks, is now condensed into a more intensive 6-week program. You'll still receive our complete curriculum, featuring over 120 video tutorials. Plus, as a bonus you'll enjoy 3 years access to the entire video library. The only change is that now there are 6 in-person tutorials spread across the 6-week duration and you get it all for a more affordable student price of $500!
Embark on a transformative 6-week journey into the world of filmmaking at the renowned Newcastle Comedy Club!

Led by industry professionals, this intensive course provides the perfect platform for both aspiring filmmakers and creative individuals to develop their skills and bring their cinematic visions to life.
Throughout the course, you will:
  • Learn from renowned industry professionals who will share their valuable insights and practical experience.
  • Work collaboratively with a supportive and creative community of fellow filmmakers.
  • Receive personalized feedback and guidance to refine your skills and develop your unique filmmaking voice.

This intensive program is ideal for:

  • Aspiring filmmakers with no prior experience
  • Creative individuals seeking to expand their filmmaking knowledge
  • Film enthusiasts looking to refine their technical skills.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to launch your filmmaking journey!

Week 1
Introduction to Filmmaking
  • Explore the foundations of film narrative, including story structure, genre exploration, and character development. 
  • Gain insights into the different stages of filmmaking: pre-production, production, and post-production.

You get
access to over 120 tutorials

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Week 2
Mastering the Camera
  • Delve into the technical aspects of cinematography, learning to operate professional film cameras effectively. 
  • Discover the art of lighting and composition, mastering techniques to create visually captivating scenes.
Week 3
Sound Design & Editing
  • Uncover the power of sound in storytelling, exploring sound recording, manipulation, and mixing techniques.
  • Begin your journey into post-production, learning the fundamentals of editing software and workflow.
Week 4
Editing & Producing: Bringing Your Vision to Life
  • Refine your editing skills, incorporating color grading and exploring visual effects to enhance your film’s aesthetic.
  • Learn the essential principles of film production, including budgeting, scheduling, and crew management.
Week 5
Scriptwriting: Mastering the Narrative
  • Dive deep into the art of screenwriting, mastering character development, dialogue writing, and the 3-act structure.
  • Develop your own short film script, utilizing feedback from instructors and peers.
Week 6
Directing & Putting it All Together
  • Hone your leadership skills as you learn to direct actors, manage sets, and ensure your creative vision shines through.
  • Culminate the course by shooting your short film project, applying the skills learned throughout the program.

You get
access to over 120 tutorials

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