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Dive into the art of filmmaking with our exclusive E-Learning Subscription. For just $38 a year, unlock unlimited access to a comprehensive collection of over 120 step-by-step video tutorials led by industry expert, Brady. This subscription is your all-access pass to mastering filmmaking, offering flexibility to learn at your pace and convenience. From fundamentals to advanced techniques, cultivate your skills, connect with a community, and pave your way in the film industry. Perfect for aspiring filmmakers, this cost-effective solution brings the essentials of a traditional film school directly to you. Subscribe now and start your journey to becoming a film professional today!
Week 1
Introduction to Filmmaking
  • Explore the foundations of film narrative, including story structure, genre exploration, and character development. 
  • Gain insights into the different stages of filmmaking: pre-production, production, and post-production.
Week 2
Mastering the Camera
  • Delve into the technical aspects of cinematography, learning to operate professional film cameras effectively. 
  • Discover the art of lighting and composition, mastering techniques to create visually captivating scenes.
Week 3
Sound Design & Editing
  • Uncover the power of sound in storytelling, exploring sound recording, manipulation, and mixing techniques.
  • Begin your journey into post-production, learning the fundamentals of editing software and workflow.
Week 4
Editing & Producing: Bringing Your Vision to Life
  • Refine your editing skills, incorporating color grading and exploring visual effects to enhance your film’s aesthetic.
  • Learn the essential principles of film production, including budgeting, scheduling, and crew management.
Week 5
Scriptwriting: Mastering the Narrative
  • Dive deep into the art of screenwriting, mastering character development, dialogue writing, and the 3-act structure.
  • Develop your own short film script.
Week 6
Directing & Putting it All Together
  • Hone your leadership skills as you learn to direct actors, manage sets, and ensure your creative vision shines through.
  • Culminate the course by shooting your short film project, applying the skills learned throughout the program.

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